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The Dolls Factory: Ruffle Dresses For Fall

fall-fashion-trend-ruffle-dressThe leaves have begun to turn various shades of russet, marigolds, and copper. Falling softly to the ground in silent homage to the snow that is soon to follow. It is Fall’s very own splendidly designed calling card, and a sign that change is the air accompanied by the smell of pumpkin spice. Soon we shall all begin digging in the back of our closets, dusting off those cozy winter jackets, coats, sweaters gloves, and boots we have been waiting all year to wear. All while continuing to keep an eye on the slowly declining temperatures and of course, the seasons latest up and coming trends. Well, the fashion forecast is finally here! Last year it was plaids, and this year it’s, drum roll please…ruffles!

Content by Jennifer Brown

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