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San Andrès: The Story of the Rare Flower of Mexico

san-andres-milano-spring-summer-2017-milan-fashion-week-11Throughout fashion week I was privileged to witness many different shows by several different designers, each having their own personal flair; however, none stood out to me in quite the same way that the San Andrès Milano show did. It stood out to me because of how much love and how much of the actual designer was evident in each piece of the collection. It was glaringly obvious in the story the show depicted which began with a slow romantic melody played by a live mariachi band, a humble nod to Andrès Caballero’s heritage and culture. The song was reminiscent of a rare desert flower, which blossoms only at night, waking from its slumber, unfurling its resplendent petals sensually before beginning to sway in a dance of ultimate perfection. The dark seductive colors of Mexico at dusk lending and an entrancing element of mystery to its timeless waltz.

Photos & Content by Jennifer Brown

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