Spring Trends 2017: Bralette Trend :The Dolls Factory


We all remember when Madonna strapped on that famous pointed cone shaped bra and shocked the world. Then it was Selena who picked up the trend followed by other musical artists. Today it is something we see often on the stage. It has been seen a bit more recently on the street as well as crop tops with bra’s built-in. As the everyday lingerie wear trend is hot now, we also spy a celebrity or two sporting a lacy cami-top bra. As for the runway, lacy bras under dinner jackets, visible but hidden we have all seen before.

fashion-trend-bralette-dior-bella-hadid-1Bella Hadid in Dior Spring Summer 2017

However this year is the year of no more hiding, much like Madonna’s bustier debut. Quite the opposite, bralettes are being worn alone without a cover. Even more surprisingly they are actually being worn over the top of clothing! ….

Content by Jennifer Brown

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