Getting to Know Me: 10 Surprising Things

I have two puppies, Kya and Jewel. You may see them every so often on my Instagram. Kya, the white fluffy one, is the youngest at 3 years old while Jewel is the eldest at almost 13 years old! Though I am quite a big cat person these two are definitely my babies.


I am intrigued by Korean Beauty and Skincare and would like to start learn more about in and slowly begin to incorporate it into my everyday routine. I have started with sheet masks and have really been loving them! Actress Fan Bingbing is one of my favorite women to follow for her beauty secrets.empress

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I love Morticia Addams character, regardless of who plays her. She’s just the baddest of the bad and when life get’s rough there is always a quote from her somewhere that has the answer.

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Sometimes I watch T.V shows and movies  just for the clothes. I love period costumes so  Reign, GOT, The Empress of China (Fan Bingbing),The Borgias and Ms. Fishers Mysteries are a few of my favorite shows to binge watch. Obviously I’m a sucker for a strong female lead so movies like Marie Marionette, Elizabeth, Coco Chanel, Miss. Pettigrew Lives for a Day and of course Devil Wears Prada can always be found lurking in my ‘Watch Again’ queue.


I am somewhat obsessed with corgis. hope to have one join my family one day and sometimes I stalk fashion bloggers Instagram’s purely for their puppies.

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I find shoe shopping a hassle and a lot of work, it’s right up there with shopping for bras, jeans or swimsuits. Weird I know! I’m a fashion blogger after all, how dare I! But it’s true. I think it’s because a pair of shoes is expensive, I mean you could buy a bag of clothes for the price of one pair of shoes, or a massage for that matter! Then you have to go to the trouble of breaking them in and gah! Don’t get me wrong, I like shoes, I’m just cheap and like clothes more haha!

giphy (11)

I have always wondered what I would look like with blonde hair. I doubt I will ever try it (because it’s sooo bad for your hair!) but I have always wondered…

giphy (31)

Never have I ever..tried sushi. I don’t know, I’m deathly afraid of food poisoning and I just can’t wrap my head around the whole raw fish thing. I mean, what’s the number one rule to avoiding food poisoning? Cook your meat thoroughly and to the right temperature! Oysters are another one I can’t wrap my head around. I believe my favorite comedians Jim Gaffigan once refered to the as ‘Snots Marat’ …eww.


I actually have a pretty bad sweet tooth. On average I eat pretty healthy but when I do indulge I like it rich and decadent. I believe my travels to Italy and Paris have only made it worse as I know what true sugar mastery is and have been ruined for good! Go big or go home on splurge day!

giphy (26).gif

For thousands of years women have been compared to flowers, doves, even hoses but I believe we are more like cats.Graceful, always land on our feet, sly, teasing, divine, occasionally slightly unreasonably (cats do what they want), imbued with a feistier side and set of claws should we need them. Cats are the ultimate divas and they own it! As should we, that is why I chose a superior cat adorned in jewels as the logo for my blog. Because every woman has a feisty feline crouching inside her waiting to be unleashed upon the world in all her divine splendor.

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