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Favorite Beauty Apps + Do’s & Don’t’s

Like any girl, I’m not ashamed to admit I have a couple of favorite beauty editing apps on my phone. However, I try not to encourage a lot of Beauty App usage because I have seen girls that utilize them for every single one of their social media photos. Which really isn’t such a bad thing, because let’s face it, we all want to look good in the photos we post online. And yeah, the camera can be cruel sometimes creating shadows that emphasize harsh lines or wash out our faces entirely, making our flawless makeup all but useless. I wholeheartedly agree that a little bit of beauty tweaking is always acceptable, like banishing dark circles or making your eyelashes a bit more visible. But all things in moderation right? It is when it is used in excess that it becomes a huge beauty no-no. You all know what I’m talking about because you’ve probably seen a few of these atrociously overdone and over edited photos before.

Here, I will use images of myself to create an example of the Do’s and Don’t of photo beauty editing. I wore minimal makeup so you can better see the results and chose a place with decent standard lighting. As you can see, even with good lighting, the camera still picks up a few exaggerated shadows under my eyes and on my face making my skin tone appear quite uneven. Remember, when you edit the idea is to look like you’re naturally flawless. I didn’t spend a great deal of time editing these either, they are meant as a simple yet hopefully effective example.

Makeup Photo Editing Do's an Dont's! 1Let me put it this way, if I have seen you in real life an am unable to recognize a photo of you online, you’re doing it wrong! The idea of an editing app is 1.) To perfect upon your natural beauty or 2.) To virtually try out makeup/hair ideas before doing them in real life. Here are a few of my favorite apps that are ideal for doing just that!

Perfect 365

Perfect 365

I love this app! This is the one I use the most because the photo’s don’t come out looking super filtered and pixilated after use, whether they are from my phone or imported from my camera. It is also very precise, using key points on the face (that are adjustable!) perfect for targeting my personal needs, like dark circles and even skin tone.  This also means that the editing I do won’t distort my face at all. I love that I have the power to decide how much or how little editing I want because each edit function has an amount slider bar. This app also comes with the basic functions such as filters and live features that allow you to view different makeup looks on yourself. Live video let’s you observe the look from all angles as the makeup stays with your face as you move. (See last photo)

Fashion Blogger Favorite Beauty and Photo Editing Apps + Do's & Don't'sFashion Blogger Favorite Beauty and Photo Editing Apps + Do's & Don't's 2

Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus

This is the app I traditionally use if I’m in a hurry and don’t really need a perfect picture for Instagram or something of the like. Usually I use this if I’m out with a group and we snap a quick selfie at a restaurant or on a quick goofy pic with a friend that I want to quickly throw onto Facebook. Mainly because this editor is not as specific as Perfect 365 and filters the whole photo when edited which makes it look filtered and patchy when overdone. However, it’s great for the random candid thanks to the Auto Edit button! I like to think of it as the ‘airbrush’ button because it smooths out the photo, the skin the hair etc. and sharpens colors instantly. It also tends to pay special attention to the eyes, perhaps because it is made by the creator of Meitu, (known for filters that create big anime eyes), brightening and sharpening them very nicely for a lovely fresh looking photo.

It has shares similar photo editing with Perfect 365 though it has extra features I’m addicted to, like ‘Enhance’ for adjusting highlights and shadows and ‘Fill Light’. And, again because it was made by the creators of Meitu, it also has motion filters like cat ears and holiday themed filters. Another great feature is the ‘Beauty Selfie Cam’ which is great if you’re in your pj’s and want to snap a pic for Facebook of you and your pet cuddling on the couch, but don’t want to bother with makeup. 

Fashion Blogger Favorite Beauty and Photo Editing Apps + Do's & Don't's 3Fashion Blogger Favorite Beauty and Photo Editing Apps + Do's & Don't's 5

 Before & After Auto Edit      BeautyPlus_20170428175329_saveBeautyPlus_20170428175412_save






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    1. Glad to hear it! I’m hoping to experiment with more apps on the future. It’s amazing how fast apps continue to grow and develop, they are always updating adding new and better features. 🙂


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