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Designer File: Into the Jungle with Odd Bird Designs


Phoenix Fashion Week is just around the corner ladies and gents. That means it’s going to be a month of Designer Files! Another bubbly and vivacious young designer I had the pleasure of meeting last month was the lovely Brittany Arriola of Odd Bird Designs. Also a former native of Tuscon Arizona, (who knew Arizona was so fashion rich?!) but now resides in San Diego where she has designed bridal and formal wear, and is now working on her latest line of elevated everyday wear.  The location of these photos was actually meant as a nod to the theme of the jungle inspired collection that she will debut at Phoenix Fashion Week in October!
After getting to know Brittany a bit, I get the sense that she is a woman who’s feet are firmly planted on earth.  She knows exactly what she wants and where she is going, but her head is also in the clouds. As any great artist’s is! Her imagination is just so vibrant and bubbly, and she draws inspiration from such unexpected places using color palates derived from a Lisa Frank print or from an episode of My Little Pony or RuPaul. Brittany Arriola is not afraid of bright crazy colors, feathers, sequins, fringe, polka dots, nothing daunts her! She herself may seem a bit quiet and reserved, but her designs are anything but as they really relay who she is and what she loves, holding nothing back. It’s mesmerizing really how she manages to take this mess of wild elements and create these amazingly sleek and elegant designs that are so uniquely different you can’t help but stare when one walks in the room.
Odd-Bird-headshot-1-750x461 Photo from AZ Foothills Magazine: Phoenix Fashion Week Emerging Designer: Brittany Arriola
A few weeks ago I had the privilege of viewing a ‘sneak peak’ of a few of the designs from her upcoming jungle inspired collection at the Phoenix Fashion Week Shop Garment District event. One of the dresses to walk the runway, that I still can’t get out of my head, was a black dress with a black sequined skirt overlaid by black tool so it kind of resembled a black sequined ballerina skirt. The top was made from this inky black satin with a delicate scooped v-neckline that was tailored perfectly. It looked like something from a floor length red carpet gown. So beautiful, and right in the middle of the top was a sequined embellishment of …a bunch of yellow bananas! Never in a million years would I think ‘oh you know what that dress needs to make it fabulous? A bundle of sequined bananas!’ but it made the piece! And that is what I mean when I say she is a master of the fanciful elements. A playful yet flashy ballerina skirt + a sophisticated sleek satin top + an element of chaos to bring it all together = “I didn’t know I needed it but now I gotta have it” dress.

20170904_114357 @oddbirddesigns

The same goes for this sweet but saucy dress I am wearing here. It’s very girly and frilly with its dainty silhouette and puffed skirt. It is also extremely sexy and daring with the plunging neckline and the opened and adorned back and sides. Again another flawless blending of elements. A seamless mixing of fanciful innocent youth and mischievous siren. I never know what to expect from Odd Bird Designs and I love that she keeps me guessing! I can’t wait to see what will walk down the runway in October!

Check out Odd Bird Designs

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Odd Bird Designs Designer Green Dress Pearls Deep Plunge V neck Dainty Girly Fashion Unique Dresses Fashion Blogger Outfit Inspiration Codename Couture Embellishment Hair Inspiration JewOdd Bird Designs Designer Green Dress Pearls Deep Plunge V neck Dainty Girly Fashion Unique DresseOdd Bird Designs Designer Green Dress Pearls Deep Plunge V neck Dainty Girly Fashion Unique Dresses Fashion Blogger Outfit Inspiration Codename Couture Beauty Fairytale Jewelry Editorial


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