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Memorial Day Red, White & Blue’s

Evan Picone High Waisted Flare Skirt Talbots Banker’s Shirt Vintage Wicker Bag Chanel Red Lipstick Nine West Red Latice and Lace Shoes To Them We Owe Happened today, and in the past; Sacrifice made, for ours to last. Wives to widows, families torn; Gave their lives, for them we mourn. Gone forever, souls are lost;…… Continue reading Memorial Day Red, White & Blue’s

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Take Me To Church: Calliope & Zero UV

Churches were one of my favorite places to visit while in Italy. Because of their history and age, some of the artwork and architecture found in these churches were absolutely exquisite. One of the most memorable churches for me was the church of San Cristoforo in Naviglio. Possibly because it was the one I passed…… Continue reading Take Me To Church: Calliope & Zero UV

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Announcement: Blog Name Change Coming Soon!

Hello friends! As may of you know, choosing a name for your blog is never an easy decision. My first blog name that I fell in love with when I initially started blogging took me months to decide on, sadly I was a total newb at blogging and got myself roped into paying $80 a year for…… Continue reading Announcement: Blog Name Change Coming Soon!

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Nikki Reed Launches Sustainable Fashion Line: BaYouWithLove

Nikki Reed has just launched her new fashion line BaYou With Love. It is fully sustainable, created with recycled plastics and the like.. manufactured in the US, helping to promote “local craftsmen, artisans & ethical factories…”